Install an SSL Certificate using IIS 7

To install an SSL in IIS , you first  need to issue a certificate for your web server. For this purpose you have to select the webserver root node in the navigation tree of the management console, and select the Server Certificates feature, as shown below:

SSL Certificate IIS

After selecting Sever Certificates, the IIS management console lists all the server certificates installed on the web server (see below). The first thing to note is that  in IIS 7   you can install multiple server certificates on one web server, which can be used for multiple websites set up  on the web server (previous IIS versions allowed you to install only one server certificate per web server).

SSL Certificate IIS
In the Server Certificates feature details view in the IIS Management Console, the task pane on the right side  shows the necessary task(s) for installing server certificates. You can create a certificate request automatically that you can then use to requesting a new certificate at a CA. To create a new request, click the Create Certificate Request task link on the  pane,  this creates the same Base64-encoded request as  in previous versions of IIS. Use this Base64-encoded request file for submitting your request at the CA. After retrieving the certificate from the CA, you complete the running request by clicking the Complete Certificate Request  link. Thus you can both request and configure an SSL certificate for a standalone webserver. If you need to request an SSL  certificate for your own CA, use the Online Certification Authority wizard by clicking the Create Domain Certificate link. This certificate will then be configured in your own CA and will be used for signing certificates issued by this CA.

This process is quite laborious if you are a developer who just wants to test SSL with your own web apps. Therefore, IIS 7  ships with an additional option – creating a self-signed certificate for just your own machine. Just click the Create a Self-Signed Certificate link in the console and all you will need to specify  is a friendly name which will be displayed in the listing. The wizard creates a certificate by using the cryptographic functions of your local machine and automatically installs the certificate in your web server.