Windows Server Core Installation

You should enter a product key using slmgr.vbs prior to activating the installation.

Installation Method 2 - Use a Unattend File for Installing Server Core.

The manual install is a simple process, but using an unattend file for the Server Core installation allows you to do a lot  of the initial configuration tasks during the setup. An unattended Server Core installation has the following benefits:

  • No need to perform the initial configuration by subsequently using command-line tools.
  • The settings  to enable remote administration can be included in the unattend file in the unattend file.
  • Settings which cannot be easily changed such as the display resolution can be set.

Follow the below procedure to install  Server Core using an unattend file:

  1. Create an .xml file named Unattend.xml   using a simple text editor or Windows System Image Manager.
  2. Copy your Unattend.xml file to a local drive or a shared network drive.
  3. Boot the machine  to Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE), Windows Server 2003, or Windows XP.
  4. Insert the   disk with the Server Core installation of Windows Server 2008 or   2008 R2 into the drive. (just hit Cancel is the auto-run Setup window opens).
  5. In the command prompt, change to the drive containing the installation disk.
  6. Enter the below command at the  command prompt:
    setup /unattend:<path>\unattend.xml
    where path is the path to theUnattend.xml file.
  7. Allow the Setup process to complete.

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