Block IP Addresses in IIS

The IIS IP and Domain Restrictions role service enables admins to block IP addresses from accessing web apps.

To do this, open the IIS Manager, navigate to the required level (such as the site) and then click on IPv4 Address and Domain Restrictions :

Block IP Addresses in IIS

Next, select Deny Entry from the Actions menu at the top right:

Block IP Addresses in IIS

2 thoughts on “Block IP Addresses in IIS

  1. When is Microsoft going to WTFU and start using text files like a .htaccess file to give us an easy ability to block IP Ranges? I mean, my lord, how long has it been since Apache has been doing this, and people have been complaining about it, and it’s still not a freature in IIS!? I still have to enter each IP Address via a clunky stupid interface or search for and hope I find a plugin or external tool to do it? What a bunch of out-of-touch idiots that develop IIS.

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