BitLocker ToGo Encryption for Windows Server 2008 R2

Once you are confident of proceeding click Start Encrypting to begin the BitLocker encryption process. Once encryption begins, do not remove the drive until the process is fully complete. In the event you need to shut down the computer or remove the drive, first pause the encryption. Encrypting a large drive can take a long time, so try to schedule this procedure to  impact the minimum number of  users. When the drive is fully
encrypted, the performance penalty is usually very small  and un-noticeable for normal use.

Once the encryption is complete,  a padlock icon will be shown on the drive and and a Manage BitLocker option will be shown beside the drive. Clicking Manage BitLocker will allow you to change or remove the password, add a smart card for unlocking the drive, save the encryption recovery keys, or finally to configure the drive to auto-unlock on the current computer. This final option  means that anyone who can access  the server will not need  the key to access the data on it.

Finally, when the drive is plugged  into any computer, you will be prompted for the unlocking key which will be   a password or a smart card. You will not be able to  use the BitLocker ToGo drive until it has been unlocked. Once   the drive has been unlocked on a  computer,   BitLocker ToGo can be configured to always unlock on that same computer without the need of  a password or smart card.

BitLocker ToGo can be used on any drive which is recognized by Windows Server 2008 R2 as removable storage, thus USB drives , eSATA drives, and FireWire drives are all compatible with BitLocker ToGo.

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