Getting Started with the IIS Web Deployment Tool

The IIS Web Deployment Tool (formerly know as MS Deploy) is an IIS extension which allows admins to package an entire application plus platform (ie the website ,  web server, database, certificates and all separate apps) for deployment on another server. This tool is extremely useful for migration and backup.

The Web Deployment Tool can be downloaded from and installation is very straightforward. The simplest method is to first install the Web Platform Installer which will automatically install the tool and any prerequisites.

Once installed, a Deploy box will be added to  Action panel of the IIS Manager.

To export a site, select a server, site, or application in the IIS Manager and click Export Application to launch the export  wizard. The wizard allows you to select the components to export (see below) and then creates a Zip package which contains the original content plus additional configuration settings in XML.

The Zip package file  contains a complete copy of the server, site, or application you selected. The package file can be saved to act as a backup or archive of the app or it can be exported to another IIS server running the Web Deployment Tool using the Import Application… function.


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